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About PSE

Pack Store Europe is a distributor of plastic packaging and accessories for the cosmetics, medical and food industries. Official representative office of Pack Group Ukraine 

For more than 30 years, Crystal Glass and Ellipse have gained fundamental experience in the production and logistics of plastic containers. During our activity, we have established reliable partnerships with the largest manufacturers of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and household chemical companies in Ukraine and Europe as a whole.

Following the trends of constant growth of demand in the European market, it was decided to establish an official European representative office - Pack Store Europe.

  • Our position:

    • Sale of goods not only in large batches but also in minimum orders, from one package

    • Guarantee of high-quality products

    • Providing fast and convenient service

  • Our main tasks:

    • Create comfortable conditions for cooperation with European companies from west to east

    • Improve the speed of logistics and quality of service

    • Enable small and medium-sized businesses to buy our products in small batches

  • Our goals:

    • Enable manufacturing companies to use quality packaging for their products

    • Provide a full range of products for complex packaging, including containers (jars and bottles) and accessories (lids, dispensers, sprays)

    • Ensure uninterrupted supply and availability of a full range of products in warehouses PSE is your reliable logistics hub for polymer packaging

Our product range


  • Polymeric PET bottles for cosmetic products from 10 to 500 ml with a cosmetic neck standard: 18/415, 20/410, 24/410, 28/410;
  • Acrylic and polypropylene jars from 6 to 250 ml;
  • Polymer caps, sprays, dispensers, flip-tops, disc-tops, triggers, etc.);


  • PET bottles and jars (from 5 to 250 ml) for packaging liquid and bulk medicines, preparations, and dietary supplements;
  • Polymer closures (lids, corks, droppers) for glass and plastic bottles, jars with neck diameters: of 18, 20, 24, 28 mm;
  • Polymeric containers (from 12 to 125 ml) for packaging bulk medicines, creams, and ointments.


  • PET jars for loose and pasty products (tea, coffee, paste, etc.);
  • Caps for PET bottles and jars;
  • PET jars for spices with a volume of 70 and 100 ml;
  • Dosing sieves with a mesh diameter of 2, 3 and 6.5 mm.

Benefits of working with us:

  • All products have certificates;

  • A full range of services - from design development, design and manufacture of molds to decoration of finished products;

  • Sale of goods in minimum quantities from one box;

  • Operating quality systems ISO 9001:2009;

  • Uninterrupted supplies throughout Europe;

  • Individual approach to each client.

PSE - your ultimate logistics hub for packaging